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I’m just back home after a great trip out of Broad Arrow with Gold Nugget Tours. Six of us decided to travel up in two vehicles and were joined by a single from Sydney although Marty can transport you from anywhere. Some stayed seven days, myself and two others stayed ten days.

Marty is an expert at making you feel at home and he loves to cook. But bush camping with a hot shower, good toilets, a few reds around the campfire isn’t hard to take.

I set out wanting to learn about prospecting. The experience was much richer than that. We camped where the woodcutters and old prospectors camped, we found lots of their old items and some gold. Marty invited some of his friend to speak at the campfire after dinner. A Geologist, some professional prospectors, a guy who pegged a lease and found gold and a bit of an expert on personal safety devices. There was also plenty of comparison between different metal detectors.

We chose to travel a lot and so got to see lots of different country, beautiful and varied bushland, many old and new diggings, swung our detectors on a different site each day and had a few beers at the far flung pubs and chatted with anyone that looked like they had gold fever and would show us their jar of gold.

My advice is don’t cut you time too short and go hard at it.

Cheers Greg.

“Sunrise and sunsets. Laughter and camaraderie around the campfire. Delicious camp oven meals. Gold nights and perfect days. The tranquillity when alone prospecting amongst the endless scrub and red dirt, then the luxury of a hot shower afterwards.  We enjoyed it all.  And the gold is there – one of our group found two nuggets – the rest of us had to be content with rusty old iron!  But, it was all fabulous – wish we were back there."

Pat & Pam  Ghosts and Gold tour May 2017

Hi Martin

Thank you very much for an amazing Gold Prospecting Tour. You provided a once in a life time experience for me and one that Ill never forget.

I really enjoyed each camp site you selected and learnt that the best ones are next to the ready made wood piles if you want a warm fire with out having to go and collect wood. The prospecting was very exciting and I thought I would be able to retire for life when the detector burst into life at one stage but I don’t know many banks that honour a rusty can economy. I will have to settle for the few souvenir nuggets I found.

You are a master camper and an even better host who always went out of your way to make accommodate my requests. Hot showers and the hammock in the trees were just a few of those comforts that added to the pleasure. The food was exceptional and the local yabbies in creamy white wine source was hard to beat. Your knowledge of all things gold and out back gave me a greater appreciation for those old prospectors and what they had to endure during the gold rush.

A great experience that was all the better because of the wonderful guide you are. Thank you very much and best of luck with your gold searching


I embarked on a 13 day tour of the Kimberley’s. Wow, what a  blast, not only were we immersed in spectacularly diverse scenery, flourishing in history and culture but treated like royalty!

A huge thank you to a real treasure, Marty, our driver and guide. With patience, care and leadership, he entertained us with countless yarns of his  travel experiences and had us in stitches with his jokes, it certainly eased the time traveling over rough corrugated roads, even though our bus was well appointed, clean and very comfy.

Nothing seemed too much trouble, and we were pleasantly surprised with the little extras he showed us as he occasionally  deviated from the set itinerary to share some of his own favourite spots. His immense knowledge  and  passion for Indigenous culture , rock art, flora and fauna was infectious, and had us all engaged to gain the most out of our time.  With so much packed into each day, I was surprised at how relaxed the whole journey felt. A real talented bushman, great cook, we were very well fed with delicious food  each day and enjoyed our evening ‘get together’ around the  campfire. Marty certainly made   easy work of quickly bonding a group of strangers into lifetime friends engaging both the young and ‘young at heart’  the fit and those less mobile.

There are way too many highlights on the road, from spectacular waterfalls, gorges, caves and the grandeur of the  Bungle Bungles, we were given ample  opportunity to take some great photos and wonderful memories.

A rewarding, enriching and satisfying journey, thank you.

I would definitely recommend joining a tour with Marty as guide, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks again, hope to see you on tour somewhere in the future.


Ode to Marty

There once was a tour guide named Marty
Chaired ‘Tribal Council’ not just a party
Silly deeds earned ‘The Nut’
It was all in fun,
BUT …. We couldn’t award it to Marty

Of his tour guests, he is very caring
Aboriginal cultural insights he loves sharing
In that art …  What do you see?
I’ve told you … What’s the name of that tree?

A bush mechanic when truck parts are wearing!
For Jeff, Cheryl, Judith, Phyllis, Leanne
Marty each day set out the grand plan
With “specials” and “gems” that he knew
Lots of laughter and fun thrown in too
We learned so much more of our land

The once was a tour guide named Marty
Shared lots of knowledge cos he’s quite a smarty
Though he’s a stirrer, a wag
And his jokes can be bad
We had a great trip with our Marty!

Many thanks for the memories of a lifetime
Cheryl & Jeff July 15, 2016

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